Everything moves and rhythm is compensation, the balance that allows to canalize the movement towards commitments. The pace of our work is strength and energy that distinguishes us as experienced partners that will help you obtain your goals.


Sebastián Vargas

Audiovisual Assistant

Happiness is a personal responsibility

To each his own

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Area words


Particular social activity, a festival, a party, a ceremony, a competition, a convention, among others, and that, either by the people who will attend or by the courage and emotional load that an individual put on one of these (for example, the marriage of a friend), will have a character of a very important and unforgettable event.

Event production

The organization of events is the process of designing, planning and producing congresses, festivals, ceremonies, parties, conventions or other types of meetings, each of which may have different purposes.


Action or procedure that, together with others, is carried out to get or solve a thing.


It is a word that refers to the act and result of being invited or invited. The verb to invite, on the other hand, is interpreted as the action of summoning or stimulating an individual to attend some kind of event or meeting.


Set of the necessary actions to carry out a complicated process.

Press communication

Written communication directed to media members with the purpose of announcing something of journalistic interest.


Person or company that supplies something to another company or to a community. The term comes from the verb provide, which refers to providing what is necessary for an end.


Graphical representation of a set of facts in a period of time.


Person or organization that sponsors, supports or finances an activity or project, usually for advertising purposes. For example: “Transportes Herrero will be the sponsor of the charity party.


Area of a company in charge of managing operations of monetary flows and finances.