Everything is transformed and communicated. Color, shape, body and soul in each design. A brand is not a brand if it is not a person. There is a soul. There is life when there is connection and we align ourselves in being and doing.


Nadia Escuer

Art Director

Go ye up and yii-hah

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Corporate branding consists of building a brand. What is a brand? A brand is the recognizable identity of a company, identity that is transferred to all its products.


(Acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key) is a subtractive color model used in color printing.

Color Set

An ordered set of color swatches used to select and compare color tones. In graphic design these samples are often called “pantonera”, by the brand Pantone.


Means “coining” or “shaping” all soft and flat material. The punches are made with a matrix composed of steel strips through which cartons, papers, pvc, self-adhesive, rubber eva, ETC. can be cut or marked, achieving a unique termination in their forms.

Digital Impression

Is a process that consists of the direct printing of a digital file to paper, by various means, the most common being the ink in printer inkjet (cartridges), and toner in laser printer.


The dry-wedge technique allows unique finishes to be printed like personal cards, folders, A4 sheets, etc. The “wedge” consists of a male and female seal made of metal, wood and rubber, which by pressure leaves a logo, name, drawing, etc. on the document.


An electronic book, digital book or e-book is the electronic or digital version or evolution of a book. It is important to differentiate the electronic or digital book from one of the most popular devices for reading: the e-reader, or e-reader, in its English version.


Company that publishes books and other publications by means of the printing press or other reproduction procedures.


EPUB or ePub (electronic publication) is a resizable open source format for reading texts and images.


Offset printing

Method of printing (reproduction of documents and images on different media), which consists in applying a generally greasy ink on a metal plate, usually composed of an aluminum alloy. It is similar to lithography process.


System of Color within the graphic industry, for the equalization of color in printed.


Portable Document Format is a storage format for digital documents independent of software or hardware platforms. This format is of composite type (vector image, bitmap and text).


Basic unit of a scanned image on the screen based on color or greyscale points.


(Red, green, blue) or RVA (acronym preferred by ASALE and RAE) is the composition of color in terms of the intensity of the colors Primary of light.

Varnish UV

The “UV varnishes” can be made with gloss lacquer or matt lacquer and it is also possible to sectorize a specific area if you want to highlight, for example, the company logo or an image in a brochure.