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Employment contract

Agreement between a worker who compromises to provide services under the subordination and dependence of an employer, in return for remuneration. It can only exist if both parties agree on the obligations and rights that originate the employment relationship.


Commercial document that indicates a sale of a good or service and, in addition includes all the information of the operation. We can say that it is an accreditation of a transfer of a product or service after the purchase of the same.


Sales estimate during a certain period of time, based on historical data, marketing team ratings, sales professionals’ information or any other available indicator to obtain the most realistic figure possible.


Acronym for value added tax or value added tax, a tax levied on the value added or added value of a product in the different stages of its production.

Performance indicators

It is the quantitative expression of the behavior of a process, whose magnitude, when compared with some reference level, may be indicating a deviation on which corrective or preventive actions are taken depending on the case.


Actions and results of planning actions to achieve something.

Recruitment of personnel

Process of attracting individuals with the proper attributes and encouraging them to apply for employment in the organization. Likewise, it can be defined as the process of identifying features to attract the organization to qualified applicants.

Salary contract

Document signed by worker in which employer indicates the amount to be paid to the worker. It shows the amounts paid for basic salary, family expenses and legal discounts of pensions and health, among other concepts.

Satisfaction Survey

Empirical study to determine the degree of satisfaction of the respondent. Satisfaction surveys are used to make decisions based on quantitative information obtained through a questionnaire.