Everything is measurable. There is cause and effect. There are coincidences that respond to the knowledge of the tools and are actually causality. What we want, what for, and then, how, when and why are the product of a joint decision.


Fernanda Vallejos

Web Producer

You get what you dream for

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Area words


Commercial communication support that seeks to impact on a particular audience in favor of the interests of an advertiser brand. See IAB Formats for standardized sizes and alternatives.


Set of rules established in programming of a management system oriented to the achievement of previously defined objectives. In media marketing the goal is to achieve the maximum possible income and in other areas the goal is to maximize the difference between the cost of the purchase and the income obtained by the sale.


Application Programming Interface, ie communication interface between software components. A method that a program uses to interact with operating system functions.


Graphic element selected by a user to represent him in certain virtual environments, chats, social networks, etc.


Advertising in the form of a graphic image that is usually placed along a web page, in a margin or other space reserved for advertising. See IAB Formats for standardized sizes and alternatives.

Call to Action

Advertising strategy or tool that seeks to prompt the user to take action after an advertisement.


Action to “click” on a publication or an advertisement, in order to review its content or interact with it.


This variable depends on the action and refers to the result obtained. For example, for SEM ads focused on getting visits to the website, conversions are the number of visits made. Each page details what the conversion represents, depending on the action taken.


Cost per action: Interactive advertising buying model. The advertising cost is based on the performance of a specific action defined by the user in response to an advertisement. Actions include sales transactions, customer acquisition, or clicks.


Cost per click: Any payment based on the number of clicks of an advertising format. Cost Per Click (also known as Pay Per Click) originates from the keyword sponsored link system, which allows advertisers to bid for positions in sponsored listings based on keywords related to their business. The advertiser pays the amount he has bid only when a user clicks on his advertising.


Cost per Lead: Price model according to which the advertiser pays a fixed amount every time a qualified contact is sent to him. Typically, these are forms agreed between the advertiser and the web publisher or online marketing company with a minimum of completed data. See Affiliate Marketing.


Cost per mil: Standard purchase model in interactive advertising. This model is the most common and calculates the cost of one thousand ad impressions.


The cost per view is based on an e-commerce model whereby the web publisher charges an amount to the consumer to view online audiovisual content. From an advertising standpoint, the cost per view is that the advertiser pays the publisher or the online marketing company an amount each time a user has viewed the advertising video. Both parts define the minimum time of the video consumed to consider a viewing.


Real measure of the performance that a marketing site has for each thousand impressions served, regardless of the format used for the sale: CPC, CPM, CPX or mixed models. Total Revenue / Impressions x 1,000.

Email Marketing

Email written, designed and sent by an advertiser using a database of a third party. They are based on a previous acceptance of the user (see Opt In) that has given its consent to receive these communications.


Graphic format that uses compression to store and display images.


Number of times an ad was served.


Key Performance Indicators: this English acronym refers to the main indicators of how a process works in order to achieve objectives. In digital marketing can be clicks, visits, forms, sales, video viewing, opening emails, retwitts.

Landing page

The page a user reaches when he clicks on an advertisement.

Natural search results

Natural search results (also called organic) that generally appear in the central area of the search engine page and are separated from sponsored links. Natural results are based on search engine algorithms and are related to the relevance of search keywords, and are not related to paid results (sponsored links).

Position Media

Adwords variable and refers to the position that the ad has within the Google page. Our results and those of our competitors compete to occupy the top position (first to third place). In that way, you obtain greater visibility for users.


Number of people viewing the content exposed. For example, web reach is the number of people who viewed the web page.


Number of visits that a web site has in a given period.


Number of ad impressions in Adwords.

Web Analytics

Reports and analysis of the activity of a page, specifically aimed at knowing the behavior of the user within the website.

Web site visits

Organic Visits: Visits from users who have been tracked by “search engines”.

Direct Visits: TThey are those users who have come directly to the website, knowing the url of this one.

Reference Visits: They are those visits that reach us through other websites.

Social Visits: Visits from social networks.